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Žák promoted from CPO as Trezor gears up to take advantage of next bull market.

Release image and Swan Bitcoin announced a new partnership to bring recurring, direct-to-custody Bitcoin purchases to Trezor wallets.

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The old Trezor Wallet interface is not supported as of January 2022.


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The company SatoshiLabs

SatoshiLabs is a privately held company founded in 2013 and based in the Czech Republic. The first company product was the world's first cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Its popular flagship product, the Trezor Model T, introduced new measures of security such as its full color touchscreen.

SatoshiLabs is also the creator of more than 22 innovative security standards like recovery seed, Passphrase and Shamir Backup, which are significantly improving the whole industry of online security.

Present in over 150 countries worldwide, SatoshiLabs remains open-source, making the best security solutions accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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