Trezor x The Tor Project

Open Call Announcement

Providing help when you are able to is a vital part of building a stronger community. Together with the Tor Project, we have decided to take the first step forward to help support NGOs and nonprofit organizations that share our values, and who operate in the fields of personal data protection, development of open-source initiatives, human rights protection, reduction of state censorship, or support of prisoners of conscience and political prisoners.

Our first cause will be to help organizations that are exploring a strategy for taking donations in cryptocurrencies.

For many, Bitcoin isn’t only an opportunity to realize full financial independence; it is sometimes the only way to help like-minded individuals and organizations who stand up against discrimination and oppression, whether it is political, social, or economical.

To that end, this is an open call for NGOs and nonprofit organizations that see a future in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as a means to strengthen their donations and give the oppressed a better way to support worthy causes. To ensure we support causes most aligned with our vision, we have prepared a set of criteria which will qualify organisations who wish to collaborate with Trezor.

We are no longer accepting applications, and the evaluation process is now underway. If you would like to get in touch with us anyway, please send an email to [email protected]

All applicants will be informed about the status of their application by email; it will be sent as a reply to submitted application form.

One goal is to create a transparent methodology that will allow organizations to accept donations in cryptocurrencies and maximize the security of donated funds using Trezor devices. Another goal is to create a space for multilateral communication between organizations worldwide, which work in adjacent fields or have areas of common interest, which can be further empowered by this cooperation.

We’ll expand methodology further in the future with more specifics, as we learn from this initial pilot with the Tor Project. Non-profits are subject to heavy scrutiny and this project will require addressing the subtleties of laws and regulations across many jurisdictions, so your help and support will be essential to its success.

Thank you to all applicants for your interest in taking part in this open call. We are looking forward to meeting everyone during the January webinar!