Trezor and partner with Banxa, the first dual-listed crypto payments company

Feb 16, 2021 - Prague and TorontoInvity
Trezor - Invity - Braxa

Today, the SatoshiLabs Group, the Czech-based inventor of the world's first hardware wallet, Trezor, and home to the cryptocurrency exchange comparison tool announced a strategic partnership with Banxa, the world's first dual-listed payments service provider (PSP). This partnership will enable users to purchase digital assets through Banxa directly in the new Trezor Suite as well as through Invity's standalone website.

Štěpán Uherík, CEO of Invity and CFO of Trezor said, “We're thrilled to offer more users even more options thanks to our partnership with Banxa. The current bull market is great for the existing crypto community, but we also can't miss this opportunity to introduce digital assets to a wider audience: we need robust, trustworthy crypto onramps for the crypto-curious. The Banxa team understands that trust comes through transparency, and they are at the forefront of that on the payments side. Our companies' cooperation will inspire added confidence through every step of users' crypto journey, from finding available options with Invity to accessing crypto through Banxa to safely storing their digital assets in their Trezor."

Holger Arians, CEO of Banxa said, “Trezor is a trailblazer in the industry, making it easy and safe to store digital assets. By partnering with Trezor, we deliver on our mission to onboard the masses to cryptocurrencies. Our fiat-to-crypto onramp and Trezor's storage and Invity's exchange capabilities allow people around the world to participate in the digital asset ecosystem."

Trezor is the world's first hardware wallet, produced by parent company SatoshiLabs, who is a recognized contributor to the open source blockchain codebase and security standards such as Passphrase and Shamir Backup. The company was an early entrant to the crypto market, with the first Trezor launching in January 2014, the same year Banxa launched its retail business. Also part of the SatoshiLabs Group, Invity is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides competitive pricing for digital asset purchases and exchanges. Its services are also fully integrated into the new Trezor Suite wallet ecosystem.

The final integrations of Banxa's API into both SatoshiLabs products are currently live, allowing both exchange platform customers and hardware wallet users to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies directly through their wallet interface or via their exchange account.

About Banxa

Banxa (TSX-V: "BNXA") is a Payments Service Provider (PSP) for the digital asset space. The company has a mission - to build the bridge between traditional financial systems and regulation and the digital asset space. Our goal is to onboard the general public to digital currency by building fully compliant payment infrastructure that enables simple and secure conversion of fiat currency to digital currency (e.g. USD/CAD to BTC/ETH).

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