Treasure your Lightnite assets with Trezor

Sep 8, 2020 - Prague, Czech RepublicTrezorProduct
Treasure your Lightnite assets with Trezor

Trezor - the first cryptocurrency hardware wallet - is launching a campaign with Satoshi's Games - the producer of Lightnite - a Bitcoin-powered battle-royale multiplayer game. Since the early days of Bitcoin, the gaming industry has been a natural habitat for cryptocurrency fans to gather, experiment and engage with crypto, and remains a pivotal environment in which to test new technologies and use cases for digital currency.

We are proud to support projects that push the Bitcoin industry forward by bringing its use cases to the masses. One such example is Lightnite, which combines the exciting world of online gaming with instantaneous payments over the Lightning network.

Pavol Rusnak (Stick), CTO of SatoshiLabs

Developments such as the lightning network have changed the possibilities for developers who want to implement blockchain into their games. Lightnite rewards players for skill and loyalty to the game by allowing them to earn bitcoin as they play, transferring value instantly and at nearly zero cost from one player to another and within the game itself over the Lightning Network. Through Trezor's cooperation, players are able to engage with this real-time rewards system and withdraw their earnings from the game, keeping them safe on one of 50 limited edition Trezor Model T hardware wallets, made especially for Lightnite.

Through this partnership, gamers will be onboarded to the crypto-economy, moving away from the unidirectional pay-to-win mechanisms present in some of the biggest gaming blockbusters, to a new circular economy where players and other members of the ecosystem (like artists, developers), can generate income through their participation in the game.

On the other hand, specially-designed non-fungible tokens will represent in-game items with unique metadata that allows them to be taken out of the game and stored for safekeeping, or traded to other gamers in exchange for payment. Proof of ownership and scarcity enabled by the distributed architecture provides a robust way to trade game items. This brings a whole new level of desirability to rare weapons, skins and other regalia, where running a market for sought-after in-game items could become a legitimate business.

Earn bitcoin playing and store it in your Lightnite limited edition Trezor

Lightnite picture

To attract more gamers to Bitcoin, Trezor has prepared a special Lightnite limited edition Model T hardware wallet, for 179 Eur + VAT. The bundle contains:

  • Trezor Model T with Lightnite engraving
  • Special custom-made silicone case from CVRE
  • Early access to the Lightnite game for free
  • Access to Lightnite-exclusive premium skins and cosmetics (when logging into the game using a Lightnite-edition Trezor, this special content will be available in the Lightnite user's account)
  • Access to premium missions
  • Poster featuring game artwork
  • $20 worth of Bitcoin to use in-game

About Lightnite

Satoshis Games is a gaming technology startup founded in 2018, whose main goal is developing bitcoin-based systems, bringing radically new ways for users and developers to interact between themselves and with each other, in more flexible, fair and enriched ways. Since the launch of the first ever gaming platform using Lightning Network micropayments in 2018, Satoshis Games has been pioneering the bitcoin-based gaming sector with the btc-reward game LightNite, playable now at pre-alpha stage and forecast to launch its beta in early 2021, and the only prizewinning Bitcoin game platform Elixir, which will offer any developer the ability to integrate in-game Lightning payments and asset tokenization.

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