SatoshiLabs announce new CTO for Trezor, the hardware wallet company

September 15, 2021 - PragueSatoshiLabsTeam
Tomáš Sušánka CTO for Trezor

SatoshiLabs Group, the holding company behind cryptocurrency innovations such as the original Bitcoin hardware wallet Trezor, has appointed Tomáš Sušánka, formerly Head of Engineering, as Trezor's new CTO.

Tomáš Sušánka is an experienced cryptographic engineer who joined the company in 2017, coming from previous experience at Cloudflare. Open-source security solutions such as Trezor as well as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are both his passion and hobby.

In my new position, I will primarily focus on building strong independent teams to serve as the crucial pillar of our technology. With cryptocurrencies increasing in popularity, we recognize an increasing need for automating development processes. Last but not least I will be dedicated to enabling both professional and personal growth of our people, which is key to the future development of Trezor products like Trezor Suite.

Tomáš Sušánka

The CTO position is being passed to Tomaš from Pavol Rusnák (best known as Stick), who is a co-founder and co-owner of the holding company. Stick will continue to support Trezor's mission from his position in upper management of the SatoshiLabs Group.

Tomáš has proven his skills both as a developer and as a capable manager who has led his team to success during his time with the company. Nowadays it is not easy to find a person to fill a top management position who not only knows how to lead a team but also understands our industry and embraces our particular independent mindset. I am truly looking forward to Tomáš driving forward the innovation Trezor is so well known for in the crypto security industry.

Pavol Rusnák

SatoshiLabs group has grown significantly, almost doubling its headcount over the last year. The company continues to search for highly motivated talent across a range of positions. For more information about open roles visit our Career page.

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