Žák steps up to lead Trezor as CPO

September 16, 2021 - PragueSatoshiLabsTeam
Matěj Žák CPO SatoshiLabs

SatoshiLabs Group, the holding company behind the original bitcoin hardware wallet Trezor, expands its top management team with the internal hire of Chief Product Officer Matěj Žák - formerly the company's Head of Product. The new CPO position will be mainly responsible for leading a team of professionals to develop and improve Trezor's product range. This role partially takes over from Marek “Slush” Palatinus, the current CEO and co-founder of the company.

Matěj Žák joined SatoshiLabs in 2018, bringing previous experience from co-founding and leading startups like Flits.live (live streaming) and What the Hill (Prague e-bikesharing). He originally graduated from Berklee College of Music and, even though he is still an active musician, he has built a career developing innovative technologies. Bitcoin and crypto security soon became his main focus and making them accessible to the masses is his primary mission.

From day one, I was amazed by being able to work on such an excellent product that improves usability for millions of Bitcoin users. The people I met in SatoshiLabs are some of the biggest experts in the field and show unbelievable drive for advancing the whole industry. I would like to keep that original spirit alive and support our growing team by nurturing that sense of purpose, so Trezor can continue to bring the most creative innovations to the crypto security industry. It is also a great opportunity for Czech-based experts to work on truly global products. Our next goal is to bring Trezor to millions more people. Bitcoin is no longer just for geeks; cryptocurrencies are now available to everybody and we intend to make crypto security equally accessible.

Matěj Žák

This is the first CPO position created within SatoshiLabs Group.

This appointment reflects the fact that we are a strongly product-oriented company. Matěj, in his position as Head of product, demonstrated a unique set of skills and knowledge when launching our new product Trezor Suite this July. It is difficult to find people with such a combination of talents in today&s labor market. I expect Matěj to continue growing in his new position and to lead the newly-established team to develop many interesting innovations for Trezor.

Marek Palatinus, SatoshiLabs co-founder

SatoshiLabs group has grown significantly, almost doubling its headcount over the last year. The company continues to search for highly motivated talent across a range of positions. For more information about open roles visit our Career page.

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