This is how our story started.

Let`s start from the beginning. Back in 2010...

In 2010, Marek was already mining bitcoins on his own.

However, as the difficulty was increasing, mining on your own was becoming less profitable.

An idea got into his mind. What if miners cooperated?

Pool mining. Mining bitcoin as one.

Slush Pool, also formerly known as Mining, is the oldest mining pool, and also the first known to be publicly available.Today, it is operated by

At the same time, Marek was helping others to safely store bitcoins.

But that was not easy, in the early days.

Marek's Slush Pool itself was a target of hackings and thefts. During the Linode hack, thousands of bitcoins were lost.A solution had to be found.

Pavol and Marek met at BRMLAB.

Pavol and Marek met at BRMLAB.

To create the solution for a secure and intuitive cryptocurrency storage, Marek met with Pavol. Alena joined the pair soon thereafter to work on this project together. Using an idea to isolate private keys to a separate environment, they agreed to create a few prototypes.

In 2012, they had the first prototype ready.

It was not pretty, nor was it for the masses. It was functional. It proved that this can be done.

In 2013, fundraising started. As well as the company.

Founded by Marek, Pavol, and Alena, SatoshiLabs was legally incorporated in 2013, to develop, manufacture, and deliver the world's original cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

A year after, the first Trezor One devices shipped.

They quickly became popular, fueled by the continuous development. In 2016, the first prototype of the next-generation model was unveiled, with the production Model Ts shipping in 2018.

Buy a Trezor deviceBuy a Trezor device

See? We are a fast growing company.


Internal and external contributors at SatoshiLabs.


Countries and territories covered.

See? We are dedicated to our mission.

And we are dedicated to our mission.

To make security easy to understand and use. To bring it to everyone across the globe. For everyone to benefit.

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