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Interested in working for the SatoshiLabs Group? Gain experience with leading experts in the crypto and security industry.

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Our values

We are making cryptocurrency accessible to all, to increase independence and equality throughout the globe.


Innovations we impact

We built a brand new industry by inventing the Bitcoin hardware wallet, now we're laying new foundations by creating auditable secure chips.


Fostering transparency

Our culture is based on sharing ideas and staying connected across teams, so everyone can play a vital part in shaping our company.


Experts in our field

Our team brings together privacy, crypto and investment experts to disrupt the security industry while building a new monetary standard for the world.

Our people are our power

It's rare to find so many like-minded enthusiasts working together in one place. Meet some of them here:

“I was really surprised that everyone I talked to is really keen on their job and could talk about it for hours. So many people loving what they do in one place, I had never seen that before. “

– Vitalij Dovhanyč, IT Admin

“You must have a great desire to learn and improve and be able to adapt. You should be naturally curious and a little adventurous. Our company is not for people who don't want to take risks in doing something innovative.”

– Vojtěch Černý, Head of Ecommerce

“We need people who can actively find the information they need. I see that as a certain quality in people I want. We have a manager who got in touch with me in the first week, wanting to meet and see how I feel about things.”

– Pavol Rusnák, Co-founder of SatoshiLabs

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Interested in working for SatoshiLabs Group? Gain experience with leading experts in the crypto and security industry.

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Alternatively, if you know someone else who might be interested in working with us, refer your friend and, if they become our new colleague (and stay with us for over three months), we will reward you for your referral.

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