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Unlocking the full potential of freedom and autonomy.


At SatoshiLabs, independence fuels our innovation and creativity. We're unrestricted by guidelines and trends, staying true to our goals. We empower individuals to forge their unique paths, take ownership, make decisions, and drive development.


Doing the right thing even when nobody's watching.


We prioritize moral principles and consider the impact of our actions. Upholding integrity, we fearlessly express our ideas and value diverse perspectives. We embrace collective knowledge-sharing and respect for all.


Pushing the boundaries of what's possible.


With an insatiable curiosity and a passion for the impossible, we thrive as problem solvers. We fearlessly stand by our beliefs, taking calculated risks and embracing innovation. We value individuals with curious minds, who challenge the status quo.

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Come be a part of our crew and experience a work-life fusion that lets you bring your A-game in a way that's uniquely you!

Let's make some serious noise in the world of innovation together!

We're looking for forward thinkers who crave independence and love venturing into the unknown.

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Discover and unlock your hidden talents at SatoshiLabs, where the journey of exploration unveils all your special skills.

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Our industry's thrilling and uncharted playground is packed with daily adventures and eye-opening revelations, just waiting for you to dive in.

Surround yourself with peeps who tickle your intellect and ignite your laughter!
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Oh, and prepare yourself for delightful cuddle breaks too. We're pet-friendly, and our four-legged pals are incredibly cute!

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Channel your inner plant lover or transform your desk into a flamboyant light extravaganza that would make Broadway blush. No judgments here. Create the workspace that let's you shine!

Perks & goodies for our fellow Satoshis

Get paid in bitcoin

Fiat currency, bitcoin, or both? Unleash your earning potential with the option to receive your salary in bitcoin. Bye to conversion fees, hello to borderless opportunities.

Create a balance

Work from where and when you want. Get time off as needed. Prioritize your family and personal life - they matter. And of course, 10 days paid to enjoy the birth of your new rock star are a given.

Keep a clear head

Blow off steam and let loose during the day with foosball, billiards, or PlayStation. Pick up a new read in our Biblioteca pública or kick back in the chill-out zone.

Stir the senses

Indulge in our stacked kitchen with tasty snacks, refreshing drinks, gourmet coffee, fresh fruit, and more. Breakfasts are regularly served during AMA meetups.

Own your growth

Empower your development with in-house language courses, engaging team building, practical training programs, and a personal budget for conferences, workshops & courses.

Feel the rush

Fire up your body & mind in the SatoshiLabs in-house gym or join one of the weekly on-site fitness & yoga classes. Get a great price on the widely accepted MultiSport card.

Kundratka 2359/17a
18000, Prague 8
Czech Republic

It’s up to you -
office, home, beach.

We believe in letting you rock your work style, with flexibility, fun, and a culture that's all about building independence and trust.


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We’ve got open spots for all you visionary creators out there ready to rock the world.

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