TREZOR provides unparalleled security for your bitcoins. TREZOR is a single purpose bitcoin wallet. It has been designed from the ground up for the most demanding bitcoin security needs. It is the only solution on the market today that allows one to reasonably hold and spend balances on the scale of thousands of bitcoins.

Ease of use

Despite its advanced encryption and high level security, TREZOR provides a simple fluid interface for managing your bitcoins. Along with the web service you can be up and running with your TREZOR in minutes.


Have you ever found yourself in a foreign country trying to pay your bills at an internet cafe? Did you not feel a little bit worried about using your bank account from an untrusted location? TREZOR gives you the freedom to travel and spend, without worrying about where you are. You can safely use your TREZOR anywhere.


TREZOR puts a bank in your pocket. There are no fees and its never closed. While we enjoy relative assurance that when we leave money in a traditional bank it will stay there, we are not in control of our money. The open source TREZOR puts money in your hands.


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