Our Team

We are experienced specialists and bitcoin enthusiasts located in Prague, the heart of Europe.

Our current projects include bitcoin mining (Slush’s Pool), easy to use and secure bitcoin wallet (TREZOR and myTREZOR) and useful tools (Coinmap).

We raise the public awareness about bitcoin and prefer investing our efforts into useful projects rather than to speculations.

Currently our team counts 15 highly motivated and skilled programmers, client support and sales specialists lead by the three founders of SatoshiLabs: Alena, Marek and Pavol.


Alena Vranova, Champion

Alena has over 15 years of experience in business development, mainly in the financial services industry. She has built several successful startups such as one of country’s largest financial advisory networks, an online newspaper and the external sales division of an insurance company. Alena got interested in Bitcoin in 2011 within her studies of the international monetary system at the College of International and Public Relations in Prague. Her experience with current financial system and her interest in alternatives such as Bitcoin inspired her to leave the traditional financial industry and create SatoshiLabs.

Marek Palatinus, Architect

Marek, also known as slush, is the inventor of the bitcoin mining pool concept and operator of the Slush’s mining pool, designer of the lightweight Stratum protocol and the core programmer of TREZOR. With nearly 15 years experience in IT, Marek has co-developed several successful internet startups and worked as an enterprise architect for one of the largest banks in Central Europe. Since his introduction to Bitcoin in 2010, he has dedicated his entire time to developing useful services and tools that can make bitcoin widely adopted.


Pavol Rusnak, Alchemist

Pavol, also known as stick, is an all-around hacker, open-source enthusiast and technology geek. He’s been involved in open development of various software and hardware projects since he can remember and no technical challenge is big enough for him. When he’s not currently investigating some emerging technologies or digging into hard core cryptography, he’s probably trying to bring some new-media interactive art projects to life. He first learned about Bitcoin in 2011 when he participated in the organization of European Bitcoin Conference in Prague.


Jochen Hoenicke, Cryptographer

Also known as white hat hacker Johoe who has received praise and admiration from the Bitcoin community for sweeping and returning over 800 bitcoins from addresses generated with a security error on Blockchain.info’s webwallet, in order to refund users who lost their bitcoins.

After acquiring his Masters and Doctorate in Computer Science at the University of Oldenburg, Jochen joined the Software Engineering Faculty of University of Freiburg as Research Group Leader where he focused on the fields of program verification, invariant generation for sequential and concurrent programs, interpolation in SMT. In 2016 he joined the TREZOR R&D team to develop new cryptography functionalities for TREZOR 2.0 and to conduct security reviews of the code.

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