Our Projects

Our projects tackle wide range of topics from bitcoin mining to easy and secure bitcoin storage and transactions. We focus on user experience while preserving the top security bitcoin provides. We raise the public awareness about bitcoin and cryptography in general and we are rather investing our time and knowledge into useful projects rather than to speculations.



  • hardware wallet for secure storage and transactions
  • praised by security experts
  • loved by users in 70+ countries

about TREZOR



  • web wallet unrivaled in privacy protection, security and ease of use

about myTREZOR


Slush Pool

  • the world’s first bitcoin mining pool
  • mined nearly 1.000.000 BTC
  • participation of 800.000+ miners

about Slush’s Pool



  • add and find 6.000+ businesses accepting bitcoin

about Coinmap

We constantly have new ideas while working on improvements of our current tools and services. We need you, talented, experienced and enthusiastic people to join our team and transform these ideas into reality. Contact us if you want to get involved!

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