Slush Pool

The idea of mining in a pool

“When I launched the pool, bitcoin had globally around 3000 users and it was not easy to convince people to start mining in a pool. With a difficulty of 15000, it was still possible to mine blocks for a single miner equipped with a decent GPU card. Nevertheless, it was clear to me that very soon reasonable rewards for an individual miner would become a dream. I thought that a pooled infrastructure and a mathematical formula for a fair rewards distribution could make a big difference”, describes Marek Palatinus the birth of the Slush Pool.


The Slush Pool was introduced in late 2010 and since then it attracted more than 630 000 miners over time. Within few months a new protocol called Stratum became to an existence. This protocol proved to be perfectly suitable to support upcoming terahash-strong miners and has been adopted by all major pools. Thanks to this innovation, mining pools are ready for a difficulties we see nowadays.

Version 2.0

A few months ago we released a new edition of the pool aka Slush Pool 2.0. The changes were deployed gradually and lead to better user experience in overall. The goal was to introduce new features and technologies that make mining accessible to newcomers as well as keep it attractive for its current advanced users.

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