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Chrome Extension with TREZOR Management

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on June 4, 2015 with Comments Off on Chrome Extension with TREZOR Management

Recently, many users have been asking for a simple TREZOR management tool without having to go through myTrezor wallet. Based on great demand we have created an efficient solution.

Thanks to our new TREZOR Chrome extension, you can finally access management functionality independently from your particular wallet solution. These features include device initialization, wipe, recovery and other features such as changing the PIN and enabling a passphrase. To check out all supported features, visit our TREZOR Apps documentation here.

The good news for those who value their privacy is that the management extension doesn’t need to connect to any online services. All of the data (including TREZOR firmware) is bundled in, and once installed, it is capable of working completely offline.

To try it out, open your Chrome browser and download the extension from the Chrome store. The extension is open-source, so you can even download it from Github and build it yourself.


In addition to the management features, TREZOR Chrome extension serves as the communication layer between your device and online wallets and services. This means that with the extension already on your computer, you don’t have to install the plugin, bridge or anything else when you want to use TREZOR online with your Chrome browser.

TREZOR Chrome extension is super easy to install and works reliably no matter what system you have. This is why, it has become our recommended default solution enabling usage of TREZOR device with online services such as

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