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TREZOR Apps – Compatible Wallets and Bitcoin Services

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on May 11, 2015 with Comments Off on TREZOR Apps – Compatible Wallets and Bitcoin Services


From now on you can use number of independent bitcoin & altcoin services together with TREZOR. We call them the TREZOR Apps.

TREZOR – grade security with the bitcoin wallet of your choice

Several bitcoin / altcoin developers added TREZOR support to their wallets. The list is continuously growing.

No usernames, no passwords, no worries
The passwordless Sign in with TREZOR protects you against keyloggers, phishing and simplifies your entire authentication experience. Try it with CoinpaymentsCoinSimple or Osclass.

A Login to WordPress or Drupal with TREZOR is on the way too!

Get your new TREZOR in the official e-shop today!

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