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Cryptosteel is back and better with SatoshiLabs. Crowdfunding starting 20 May!

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on May 7, 2015 with Comments Off on Cryptosteel is back and better with SatoshiLabs. Crowdfunding starting 20 May!

Cryptosteel_LoveRepost from [email protected]:

Hello Reader!

Wondering where we went since you’ve heard of Cryptosteel? Well, we have exciting development to announce.

In recent weeks the Cryptosteel team has been working closely with SatoshiLabs on a complete redesign of our cold wallet.

Our aim at Cryptosteel was to bring a secure, anonymous and confidential offline cold wallet that can be easily used by just anybody.

SatoshiLabs naturally stood as an ideal partner to help us with the process. Together we are happy to introduce a durable, practical and really beautiful stainless steel backup option. Since its inception, SatoshiLabs have worked tirelessly to promote public awareness of online currency. The company have also been responsible for pioneering numerous ground-breaking developments in the area of bitcoin mining and security.

Notably SatoshiLabs are the brains behind market-leading hardware wallet TREZOR, or Slush Pool, the first bitcoin mining pool in the world.

The result of Cryptosteel’s intensive design alliance with SatoshiLabs is that our cold-wallet is better than ever before.

Use Cryptosteel to safely store your TREZOR Recovery seed or any other HD wallet backup.


It is also ideal for ultra-secure setups involving multisig wallets. “Cryptosteel now represents an advanced TREZOR Recovery seed card. It’s anonymous, offline and confidential but moreover, it’s really durable, resistant to fire or water.” Alena Vranova, Director of Satoshilabs plans to use this “eternal backup” for future generations.

How to use it?

By picking letters from a pre-cut steel plate, you can assemble up to 24 words of any BIP39 compliant HD wallet backup into a stainless steel container. Hide it in safe place, to secretly protect your lifetime savings.
Marek Palatinus aka Slush enjoyed co-creating the new Cryptosteel: “The beauty of this backup solution is that you only need to assemble the first 4 letters of each word. Those 4 letters are unique and sufficient to recover the sentence and the entire bitcoin wallet. We did a frequency analysis and determined the minimum set of letters that are needed to create the Cryptosteel.”

One more step from designing to production – help us getting started!

So, here we are! We have a family tradition in metal craftsmanship and a well-thought design of our product. We strongly believe there is space for Cryptosteel in this community.

In order to make this happen we are starting a crowdfunding campaign on 20 May! Help us covering initial production costs and become a proud owner of First Edition Wallet.

All funds will be transparently invested directly into our Poland-based production with the goal to keep the final price as low as possible.


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