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Wanted: New Slush Pool Logo

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on January 21, 2015 with No Comments

Slush Pool Logo ContestAfter launching the new website of our mining pool, we take a step further to changing the Slush Pool logo.

Is some creative idea popping in your mind right now? Then draw it and send to us by 13th February! The winning logo will be honored with fame and rewards.


Are you in?

You don’t have to be a miner, neither a professional designer in order to submit a design.

A few hints before you start drawing

  1. Build the logo around the text Slush Pool. We will incorporate the winning logo into our website and switch to, our future homepage.
  2. The idea and practical usability counts the most.
  3. You can hand-draw or design in a graphical editor.
  4. While you’re at designing, try a version in color, positive and negative or grey-scale.
  5. Choose your very best design and embed it into the header of our website. Here’s a template that you can use.

Some basics to keep in mind

  1. Send your design to [email protected] before Midnight of 13.2.2015.
  2. Attach the logos and the website preview in PNG or JPEG and 150 dpi resolution. Optionally you can add the logos in vectors.
  3. If we have hard times choosing, we may submit two or more proposals for public voting to the Slush Pool’s Development Corner.
  4. Even if your proposal doesn’t win we’d love to keep it and may publish it later.

You’ll be rewarded!

On top of the good feeling to have shared your creative spirit and if your design wins, we’ll send you a white First Edition TREZOR with a Certificate of ownership. Plus 1 bitcoin if you also send us the logo in vectors.

Please share this “Wanted” with your creative friends.


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