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Thank you for being with us in 2014. What a year!

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on January 15, 2015 with Comments Off on Thank you for being with us in 2014. What a year!

2015Starting the year with setbacks, we were able to finalize the hardware production and launch TREZOR sales in August. Finally, our easy to use and secure bitcoin wallet was out in the world. By the end of the year the rapidly growing family of TREZOR users counts several thousands spreading across 68 countries.

We have written 92,000 lines of code. According to the “cocomo” model, it would take 23 years of manpower to produce such a code base.

We’ve consumed uncountable amounts of coffee and Mate tea and invented few new standards for Bitcoin as well. For example, the list of English words used for creation of your recovery seed (known as BIP39).

Our goals and dreams for 2015?

To be happy and drink less coffee. Working less is definitely not on the list 🙂 We are hiring and looking for TREZOR ambassadors, sales partners and more happy users. Some of our development plans have been revealed in our AMA session on Reddit.

Right now, we are now working on strengthening the backend of myTREZOR as well as on the integration with other wallets.

MultiBit, Greenaddress and Electrum have advanced quite a lot (see Compatible wallets). Several other wallets are right now starting to work intensely on TREZOR support. Why now? Because we have just released a new TREZOR Firmware 1.3.0 that makes TREZOR ready for multisig. This update brings several enhancements to the security and usability. Please read the full announcement. After doing that, grab your TREZOR and visit to do the update.


TREZOR in the 2014 News

The feedback from our users and bitcoin experts is simply amazing! We are picking just a few links to watch or share with your friends:

Patrick Murck on CNN, starting from 3:20.
* Andreas Antonopoulos’ opinion on TREZOR in LTB #175 and here.
* DELL Secure Works mentioned TREZOR as a solution to bitcoin stealing malware.
* Johoe, the ethical hacker returning bitcoins to – with his TREZOR.
* TREZOR made it to the Money Museum in Zurich.
* Mike Hearn thinks TREZOR is the best authenticator device in the world.
* For Gavin Andresen, our wallet was one of the most exciting bitcoin developments he has seen in 2014.
Forbes, CodingInMySleep, Coindesk, 99bitcoins, Bitcoin Magazine, and many others reviewed TREZOR.

Happy 2015!

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