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Slush Pool BETA Released: While others shut down, we move forward!

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on November 17, 2014 with No Comments


After 4 years of operation and over 939,000 BTC mined we are releasing a public beta of our new system with lots of new features. Enhanced Payouts, Monitoring, User Interface and Community Voting are just some of the highlights of the Slush Pool BETA release.

New Reward System

Instant real-time data and more stable payouts are the main benefits of our new rewarding system. Our users get immediate update about their pending and confirmed rewards as well as their current hash rate. Read the Reward System in our User manual to understand how we calculate your rewards.

Brand new Dashboard and Monitoring

The Dashboard comes up with several useful charts and graphs for easy understanding of your mining operation. Our continuous miner monitoring will notify you through email in case your miner is not behaving as expected. Never miss a block again!

We have added several user settings for more convenient worker and payout management.

Slush Pool BETA is released in 2 languages, English and Chinese and other languages will be added gradually.

Rule the Pool!

Pavel, our lead developer, is especially excited about the new Development Corner: “Our users have always been proposing new ideas to us. From now on you can submit your own proposals directly and let other users upvote them with their hash rate. Ideas with most upvotes will get implemented first.”

Try it and get rewarded

If you are new to Slush Pool starting to mine only takes a few minutes. If you already mine with us, just switch to

Every user who mines with our BETA for at least 3 days with 30+ Ghash gets an amazing 33% discount on TREZOR, the Bitcoin hardware wallet. Store your mined bitcoins securely! More info about the Slush Pool-sponsored TREZOR.


For a fast overview of all the new features, check out the Demo Account. If you are new to mining or not very technical, an interactive overlay help will explain all features


About Us

Slush Pool as the first mining pool in the world has revolutionized the way we mine bitcoins today. Its launch in 2010 laid foundations of a completely new industry. Slush Pool has helped over 800.000 individual miners earning their bitcoins in times of tough competition and rising difficulty.

Slush came across bitcoin mining in early 2010. While working on mining optimization, he realized, soon it would be impossible for an individual miner to earn any bitcoins. That’s why the idea of the collaborative way of mining inspired him to implement a mining pool. With the help of his brother, a geologist, and m0mchil, the author of the first GPU miner, he launched the Slush Pool in December 2010.

Shortly, Slush Pool has introduced another invention, Stratum, the most effective mining protocol used by the mining pools around the world. Although today, it is not the biggest pool anymore, it’s with no doubt one of the most stable and reliable bitcoin mining pools.

Many great and successful mining pools have followed its example and some took it to a very professional level. Some pools like Deepbit didn’t survive , and some are struggling. But Slush Pool is moving forward.

Today, we are a part of SatoshiLabs, an umbrella organisation that aims at improving the Bitcoin world with safe and easy to use tools and services. Slush Pool, TREZOR hardware wallet and CoinMap are the most successful projects of our team.   


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