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myTrezor With Currency Conversion, Multisend Import and Sign Text Feature

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on November 7, 2014 with No Comments

We have added 3 new useful features to the Send Tab in

1. Currency Conversion provided by Bitcoin Price Index from Coindesk helps our users to enter the amount in more than 160 national currencies. The price is being recalculated every 60 seconds and represents an average of bitcoin prices across leading global exchanges. In the near future, we will tackle the transaction history showing another currency equivalent at the time of the transaction.

ImportCSV2. The MultiSend option has been available for some time already as a simple “Add more” function allowing to add a new payment one by one. Now it’s possible to import a comma delimited CSV with unlimited number of transactions.

This feature is especially useful for  businesses with regular bitcoin payouts. A good way to save your transaction fees!

SignMessage23. Sign Text & Verify
is another feature many of our users have been requesting. So here it is. You can use this functionality whenever you need to verify your ownership of some bitcoin address.

Signing a message can be done in 3 fast steps.

STEP 1: Write a short message (up to 255 letters) into the Message field.

STEP 2: In the Address field, paste your bitcoin address you want to use for signing.

STEP 3: Click Sign. You’ll be prompted to confirm the action on your TREZOR device while there’s a short preview of the message on its display. Confirm with a button press and done!

Now copy the message, bitcoin address and the signature and send to whom you want to confirm your ownership of the address.

Guess what. Verifying messages with myTREZOR is just as easy as everything you do with TREZOR. 🙂

When someone sends you a message for verification, just copy paste the message, the address and his signature into the according fields and click Verify. When everything is correct, the text will appear on your TREZOR display.

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