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Introducing myTREZOR Lite for Android

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on September 25, 2014 with No Comments


Today we are introducing an Android application called myTREZOR Lite. This application allows you to accept Bitcoin payments which will appear in your myTREZOR wallet without the need of carrying your TREZOR device around. It will generate a new address for each transaction, so it’s better than having a printed QR code with you. You can also view the transaction history and individual addresses with their balances. Technically speaking it is a watch-only SPV client.

To try it out install it from Google Play Store. F-Droid Repository is hopefully coming soon.

To activate myTREZOR Lite just follow these four simple steps:

  1. Go to myTREZOR website
  2. Select your TREZOR device
  3. Click on Advanced details
  4. Scan the XPUB QR code of the desired account


myTREZOR Lite app is based on BTCReceive app by Ken Sedgwick, the author of the great Android wallet with BIP32/39/44 support called Wallet32. Thanks Ken!

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