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myTREZOR Playground: Free Coins for Newbies

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on August 6, 2014 with Comments Off on myTREZOR Playground: Free Coins for Newbies

sandbox-bucketSo you are a novice to Bitcoin or just received your new TREZOR wallet? Play safe and try myTREZOR Playground first.

It allows you to do basic operations without having to use the real bitcoins. You can gain ground with your new TREZOR device and Bitcoin transactions at no risk. Our Playground uses TESTcoins that can be easily distinguished by their address starting with “m” or “n” compared to Bitcoin addresses that are typically starting with a “1”.

Get ready

On your way to our Playground grab your TREZOR and set it up – no matter whether at or the Playground at

Set the Device Label, your PIN and write down your recovery seed. You’ll need it later.

Request your free TESTcoins

1] When done with your basic setup, go to myTREZOR Playground.
2] Select Account #1 and then the Receive tab. Copy the receiving address into your clipboard.
3] Send your Receive address to [email protected] (write “TESTCOINS” in the Subject so we can attend you fast)


An address is a long string of numbers and letters. No worries, with TREZOR you won’t have to remember nor backup them anywhere.

Playground_AddAccountWhile you are waiting for your TESTcoins to arrive please read our User Manual

4] After your TESTcoins arrived, click + Add account  to create a new account.

Why it is good to have more accounts?

Make your first transaction

1] Select the Send tab of your Account #1 and start typing “account”. You’ll be offered and address from your Account #2.
2] Enter the amount and click Send. No need to enter transaction fees. They will be calculated automatically for you.
3] Validate the transaction by entering your PIN. You’ll only have to do that once per session (until you reconnect TREZOR again).
4] Now check if there’s your first money transfer appears in the other Account.

Read more about making payments in our User Manual.

Let’s pretend you’ve broken or lost your device

To simulate that you really did, you will have to wipe your device (select Device Label and click Wipe). This will reset the device as it was when you bought it. But no worries, your coins are not lost!

You have a smart backup – your TREZOR Recovery seed. Have it ready and continue.

1] Plug your new TREZOR device while you’re still at
2] Select the device label and click Seed Recovery.
3] Follow the instructions appearing on your device until you are done.

After finishing the recovery, you will see all of your accounts, the entire transaction history and the account balance appear. Seems like a miracle, it’s all there, in your TREZOR again.

Read more about the Recovery process with TREZOR

Ready for the real BitcoinTREZOR?

Just go to and get some Bitcoins into your new TREZOR account. You know how to do that by now. Enjoy!

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