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myTREZOR adds Multisend and several optimizations

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on June 27, 2014 with No Comments

myTREZOR MultisendmyTREZOR developers have implemented Multisend meanwhile working on further optimization which is not visible but good for the user and overall performance of the service.

A new Multisend option in allows sending more payments while paying only one transaction fee.

By clicking “+” new addresses can be added. The function will be enhanced by a payment batch upload option, especially useful for regular reward payouts such as affiliate programs.

BoP backend fixed 
During the first weeks of myTrezor running, a couple of users reported trouble with transactions not showing in the wallet or other inconsistencies between the wallet and the blockchain. This was caused by some issues in the Bits of Proof backend service which should be all fixed by now. We want to assure you that such inconsistencies can not result in losing coins and no bitcoins were lost “on the way”.

Better privacy protection
myTREZOR is sorting outputs by amount now which adds to better privacy protection for our users. (By looking into blockchain it is now not clear which amount was sent out of the wallet and which part was sent back to the wallet as a change).

Faster transactions and “healthier” blockchain
When sending bitcoins myTREZOR will choose now from the oldest coins in your wallet. Old coins have priority in confirmation by the miners so this should help your transactions being confirmed faster. Also, it’s healthy for the blockchain, but let’s not be too technical. 🙂


What is myTREZOR?
A simple, lightweight tool designed exclusively for TREZOR device owners.

Common web wallets require users to register using their user name, or email address and password. Such elements inherently create security risks and are frequently misused in hacker attacks. Thanks to the advanced TREZOR cryptography, myTREZOR Web Wallet eliminates the need for sensitive user data.
Effectively, myTREZOR represents a comfortable transaction tool, suitable for users with little experience as well as for those with high security expectations.

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