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TREZOR Metallics Shipping & Classics ETA

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on May 8, 2014 with No Comments

Metallics Delivery

Good news first! These black boxes with TREZOR Metallics are now on their way to their owners so you can expect them in your mailboxes any time soon!

The last pieces should be leaving our storage during next week and arrive depending on the destination country.

Production Delays


We feel we owe you an explanation on delays with TREZOR Classics. We haven’t been much communicative lately, because it didn’t make sense to give you partial details or indefinite estimations until we have found a solution to our production issues.

At the beginning of our project we have chosen a producer who was experienced in mechanical engineering and willing to accept bitcoins for his services. We saw this as a perfect match for our project enabling us to stimulate the direct bitcoin economy.

Unfortunately, he turned out to be less professional in the real production, missing deadline after deadline not delivering any usable results until today.

We understood that some delays happen during a new development but at the beginning of this year we realized that this producer might not have been the best choice. We knew that restarting search for a different vendor would take immense amount of time and decided to agree with him on one more deadline. He’s failed again and on top of this has changed his pricing proposal to almost 10 times more for a unit than what was initially agreed. This was the last drop when we decided not to tolerate such reckless behavior any longer and started to look somewhere else.

We were not able to find a manufacturer willing to produce a smaller batch that could be paid by the funds raised from our crowdfunding campaign. Since our funds were already gone for an unusable mold and components, we had to focus our efforts on finding a new source for financing a mass production. We’ve been working like crazy in order to make this happen and convince those who have doubts about our serious intentions.

New Production and Classics ETA

We have found a trustworthy investor who accepted our condition to keep full control of the project. Thanks to that we were able to start talking with with potential producers. After several weeks of negotiations we’re happy to announce a cooperation with a renowned Czech manufacturer.

Our new partner is a well-known automotive and lightning industry supplier with an annual revenue of 100 million USD. Thanks to their expertise in small electronics we were able to improve several technical parameters of our device. The lesser good news is we will yet have to wait 9 weeks for the first prototypes and another 2-4 weeks for the final products.

We are confident that this deal guarantees there will be no shortage in supply and our device will meet the highest quality standards.

TREZOR Summer Party


As a recognition for the help and patience of our supporters we decided to organize a TREZOR Summer Party in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. Prague is a beautiful city especially in summer, so don’t miss this opportunity. We will be sending out invitations with further details to all our early supporters in order to confirm your participation. We’ll be looking to welcome you all!


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