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MyTREZOR Web Wallet

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on January 20, 2014 with No Comments

TREZOR team is introducing a web wallet made to exclusively serve the TREZOR Hardware Wallet owners.

Until the integration of the TREZOR device with other software wallets is finished we are introducing a MyTREZOR Web Wallet available at Our aim is to provide an easy and intuitive bitcoin transaction tool to TREZOR owners.

No compromise on security
You can make transactions only when your TREZOR device is connected.

No wallet installations
Just go to, download the browser plugin (only once), plug the TREZOR device and you’re ready to start.

No registration and logins
No registration means that there is no profile to be hacked, no passwords to be stolen. No sensitive information are stored on MyTREZOR servers. All authentication is done exclusively by your TREZOR device.

No additional fees
Only pay the standard transaction fee.

Offline mode
Your web wallet content will be loaded once a TREZOR device is connected. If you wish to view the balance of your account even without having to plug the TREZOR device, simply do not click “Forget device” when unplugging TREZOR. You will see the balance and incoming transacions but you’ll not be able to move any coins out of your wallet.

Open source is good
Ensuring TREZOR users that our software is doing only what’s expected and nothing more. Also available for further development with other web-based bitcoin software.

MyTrezor will also help you to setup your TREZOR device. The first time you visit website, you’ll be urged to install a browser plugin that enables your TREZOR device to communicate with the website.

When done, you can label our device and set the strength of your recovery seed protection. A PIN protection is required and will be asked from you each time you want to sign a transaction. Optionally, you can also set a passphrase to encrypt the device. If you choose this high-level security option, you’ll be asked to enter the passphrase each time you connect the TREZOR device to the computer.

These are some draft screenshots to give you an overall feel of the interface. We are still finetuning the user experience and the graphics, so please bear in mind this is a work-in-progress material.


A list of recent transactions looks like this. By clicking on the transaction line the transaction details are displayed.


To create a “Receive” address, just click on the Receive button and you’ll be provided with a new TREZOR protected address and a QR code. If more addresses are needed, you can generate them easily with the “More please” button..


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