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Celebrate Day of Bitcoin with TREZOR

Posted by SatoshiLabs in News on October 31, 2013 with No Comments

Get 2 TREZORs for the price of 1 on the Day of Bitcoin.

1st of November 2008 was the day when Satoshi Nakamoto published his Bitcoin paper with the Bitcoin protocol design. 2009 the Bitcoin network was launched and there has been a huge development of the network itself as well as services around it ever since.

As of today:

11,928,000 BTC
released into the Bitcoin network
400,000 BTC
stolen or lost; this number only counts big losses and thefts (source), excluding many unreported “minor” losses of individuals; we assume the total number to be significantly higher
78,000,000 USD
today’s equivalent of the lost BTC’s value
2,200,000,000 USD
today’s dollar denominated value of the market cap to be protected, and rising… Unfortunately, the attractiveness of bitcoins is not rising only for enthusiasts and investors, but as well hackers and thieves.

We believe TREZOR is the answer to the risk of loss & theft.

TREZOR makes transactions completely safe even on a compromised or vulnerable computer. TREZOR is easy to use, no need to be a nerd in order to use the device.

  • advanced cryptography accessible to everyone
  • never sends private keys to the computer
  • 2-factor authentication (PIN and button-press)
  • with visual verification of transaction by user
  • seizure protection (Rijndael encryption of internal storage)
  • desktop-wallets and web-wallets compatible
  • supports Bitcoin and Litecoin (and other significant alt-currencies in the future)
  • easy paper backups
  • small and durable with no battery
  • Windows, Linux and Mac compatible
  • fully auditable software
  • no NSA backdoors 🙂
  • for advanced users: BIP32, HRNG failure proof, deterministic signatures, secure PIN entering, bitcoin payment protocol ready, etc.

Let’s celebrate 5th Bitcoin anniversary with more security. Cheers!

PS: Just a thought. Is Bitcoin’s value rising against fiat, or is fiat’s value dropping against Bitcoin? 🙂


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